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The key to improving a patient's survival is a well preserved and properly filled out TCCC-Card. Evolve Training Group developed a dependable card that ensures the correct transcription and transmission of informations according to TCCC guidelines, despite rough handling and adverse weather conditions.

The DD Form 1380, TCCC Card is the standardized method for documentation of casualty care in the prehospital environment for battle and non-battle injuries.  

A general problem concerning these cards is water- and bloodproofing them. The main procedure is laminating but this restricts the means of taking notes to permanent markers. We solved the problem by using special plastic like paper, which is wear resistant and waterproof but will accept besides permanent markers also ballpoint pens and pencils.

Can be used as a TCCC and TECC casualty card.

Size is 16 x 11 cm

Comes with red elastic band.

Casualty card manual.

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