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The Emergency "Israeli" Bandage, also known as the Israeli Emergency Bandage, is an innovative, multi-functional bandage that combines multiple first-aids into one effective and easy-to-apply product.

In published studies, the "Emergency Bandage" has been shown to deliver significantly more direct and focused pressure to the wound.

The Emergency Bandage is easy to use and very quick to apply by both the professional and non-professional caregiver.

The bandages are available in different sizes and designs. Specific models are also available for gunshot and stab wounds, amputations, abdominal, chest and burn wounds.

All models feature the unique integrated pressure clamp, an integrated closing mechanism and a loop for self-application.


  • Only trauma bandage FDA approved as a non-pneumatic tourniquet
  • Can apply 30-40+ lbs of force on a wound
  • Multi-functional bandage for various wounds
  • Compact, lightweight, waterproof, vacuum sealed packaging
  • Sterile, best-in-class 8 year shelf life
  • Integrated pressure bar exerts immediate & direct pressure on wound
  • Built-in closure bar: no pins, no clips, no tape, no hook-and-loop, no knots
  • Non-adherent 4″ or 6" pad eliminates removal pain and wound re-opening
  • Cost Effective
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