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The Mantis X10 is the next revolution of the breakthrough MantisX.  The Mantis X10 sensor is smaller, has a higher sampling rate and adds the following new functions:

  • Recoil analysis
  • Holster Draw Analysis
  • **Dynamic Shooting (rapid fire, multi-target, shooting on the move)
  • **Software support for all shooting sports (pistol, rifle, shotgun, archery)
  • Tracks the movement your gun’s barrel during trigger pull
  • Works with live fire, dry fire, airsoft and CO2
  • Analyzes a single shot or a group of shots
  • Provides suggestions to improve your shooting mechanics
  • Quick release system for easy mounting of the sensor to any accessory rail (picatinny)
Train smarter, not harder. With Mantis' Mantis X10 Firearms Training System, you can hone your skills in no time. Simply connect the device to the accessory rail of your firearm. It works with live fire, dry fire, airsoft and CO2. Download the free app on your smartphone and then pair the device with your phone via Bluetooth®. The device tracks the movement of your handgun's barrel during each trigger pull. The green trace shows where you were holding/sighting, the yellow trace shows your trigger pull and the red trace shows your shot breaking and recoil pattern. The Mantis X10 then scores your shot by how much you moved away from your sighted position. It can analyze an individual shot or a group of shots and then provide you with suggestions for improving your shooting mechanics. Internal battery rechargeable via included micro-USB cable.

Key features of the X10 compared to the MantisX sensor:

  • 40% smaller
  • 50% lighter
  • 3x the battery life
  • 4x the data rate 
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